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60-Ton Granite Blocks in the Great Pyramid. How?

There are a number of theories in existence regarding how the Great Pyramid of Egypt was built, but how the Egyptians got the largest stones, those being 60-ton blocks of solid Aswan granite, high into the structure is a mystery all on its own.

Some hypotheses include internal lifts or elevators that operated through hydraulics, others say these blocks were dragged up a long ramp that extended across the Giza Plateau to the top of the pyramid, whilst others say that a ramp spiralled around the structure.

In this video I explore the work of Jean Pierre Houdin, who believes that the Khafre causeway was in fact a construction ramp for the Great Pyramid, connecting the building site to the harbour in the east.

The implications of this is that the Great Pyramid must therefore be older than The Great Sphinx, and I'll explain why in this video.

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