Ancient Architects | Khafre Pyramid Muon Scan Results

After my last couple of videos on the Khafre Pyramid, I’ve noticed a number of comments from viewers asking whether or not this pyramid is going to be muon scanned, in the same way the Great Pyramid and Bent Pyramid have in the past decade or so.

And that seems to be because many people find it hard to believe that the Khafre Pyramid, a huge structure that is only just a few metres shorter than the Great Pyramid, is just a huge stack of limestone blocks, with no chambers, grand galleries or notable passages incorporated into the masonry.

Well, you may be surprised to learn that the Khafre Pyramid was muon scanned, and no not in the 21st century, but in the 1960s! Yes, in 1965, nearly 60 years ago, scientists sent a proposal to Egyptian authorities, asking if they could probe the Second Pyramid by detecting cosmic rays that pass through it.

Watch this video to learn. about the Khafre Pyramid Muon Scan Results and download the full paper from 1970 by clicking the link below.

Matt Sibson
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