Magnatesmedia | The Crazy Truth About McDonald's

McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the world, with over 40,000 restaurants spread over 120 countries.

By this point, the golden arches are an inescapable sight everywhere you go, and McDonald’s has sold well over 300 billion hamburgers.

But the original McDonald brothers who started the business, had their company all but stolen from them. Because what began as a single drive-in restaurant was soon transformed into a global fast food empire because of an unrelenting milkshake machine salesman (Ray Kroc).

And even though it may appear to be a simple burger business from the outside, McDonald’s secretly dominates an entirely different industry completely unrelated to selling fast food.

At times, McDonald’s is an inspiring story of an entrepreneur defying all the odds and building an empire. But at the same time, it's a story of betrayal, fraud, and countless scandals.

At one point, McDonald’s even came face to face with the Italian mafia. If you’ve ever wondered how McDonald’s started, how McDonald’s got so big, or the truth about McDonald’s history & Ray Kroc / The McDonald Brothers, this McDonald’s documentary is for you. Let’s journey through the insane history of McDonald’s. 

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