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MagnatesMedia | The Untold Truth of Nintendo

At first, Nintendo had nothing to do with video gaming. Its president Hiroshi Yamauchi didn’t even play video games.

Instead, Nintendo made hanafuda playing cards which were used to gamble, and their biggest customer was the Yakuza (essentially the Japanese Mafia).

So, how did a small family-run card business turn into one of the best-selling gaming companies of all time - responsible for some of the most iconic characters ever created like Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and so many more?

As well as creating countless iconic consoles like the Gameboy, Wii, Switch and NES. It’s time to take a journey through Nintendo’s epic history.

We'll not only cover Nintendo's strange origin story and the full Nintendo history, but also the birth of Mario, the Kirby vs King Kong lawsuit, the console wars with Sega, how Nintendo betrayed Sony, and so much more from Nintendo's crazy past.

This is the insane story of Nintendo - a MagnatesMedia business documentary.

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