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Radar Discovers New Corridor Next to Tutankhamen's Tomb

This week, an article has been published by Nature, linked below, who have seen the so-far unpublished results of new radar scans completed by Egyptologist Mamdouh Eldamaty’s team, which I reported on back in July 2019 in my former video on the subject

They scanned the anomalies that were found by the Italian team, just 12 metres away from King Tut’s resting place and now that the work is complete, preliminary results are in.

They have discovered a previously unknown corridor-like space, shown here in blue, which is very different to another popular theory of other previously proposed secret chambers, which are shown here in pink. The corridor is a few metres away to the east, is at the same depth as Tutankhamen’s burial chamber and runs parallel to the tomb’s entrance corridor.

So far though, there is no indication that the 2 metre-high and 10 metre long corridor links up with King Tut’s tomb, but being just metres away, it is close and it isn’t impossible that they intersect. Furthermore, unconnected tombs tend to be aligned at different angles, meaning this new find could well be part of the same structure. But, saying that, it could just also be another tomb that was cut close by.

Famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, another former antiquities minister has waded in and says that using geophysical techniques to search for tombs in Egypt had previously raised false hopes and he argues that such work should not be pursued. He says that Ground Penetrating Radar has never made any discovery at any site in Egypt.

So, could the space lead to the tomb of Nefertiti? It’s possible. But it could also be for Queen Ankhesenamun, whose tomb has also never been found. It could also house lost princesses, or simply lead to more store rooms. Nobody knows.

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