The Discovery of ‘The Tomb of Osiris’ in Egypt: January 1st, 1898

The year is 1898 and we’re at Umm El Qa’ab in Abydos where Emile Amélineau is leading an important excavation.

At this time, knowledge on the history and culture of Ancient Egypt is limited but growing, with so many important sites still yet to be excavated.

But an incredible find seemingly spoke for itself and French archaeologist Emile Amélineau believed he had discovered the true tomb of Osiris.

He published his findings in 1899, in a book titled: “The Tomb of Osiris” and it seemed he had the physical evidence to back up his claims.

But did he? What happened to this exciting discovery and why is it not more known about today?

Watch this video to learn about the fascinating story of discovery.

Matt Sibson
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