The Last Royal Pyramid of Egypt | It was Not a Tomb!

Ahmose I was the first king of the Ancient Egyptian New Kingdom, the man who defeated the Hyksos ruling elite of the second intermediate period, but although he is one of the most important and influential kings of Egyptian history, many of you may never have heard of him.

Yet he was responsible for re-unifing Egypt. He then led military conquests into the Near East and Nubia, expanding the kingdom’s territory. But what many don’t know is that he even built a pyramid more than 1,000 years after the Giza complex was complete.

The Pyramid of Ahmose is the last royal pyramid to be built in Egypt, and it was built at the beginning of a brand-new era of history. Watch this video to learn all about the Pyramid complex of Ahmose I, which although a cult centre for Ahmose and a place to venerate this important king, the pyramid was certainly never his tomb.

00:00 - Introduction

00:28 - Who is Ahmose I?

01:00 - The Pyramid Complex

02:33 - The Pyramid of Ahmose

04:54 - The Pyramid of Tetisheri

06:23 - The Pyramid Temples and Buildings

08:39 - The Subterranean Structure

11:36 - The Terraced Temple

12:04 - Where is the Tomb of Ahmose?

12:38 - How the Pyramid Complex Was Used

13:42 - Why a Pyramid in Abydos?

14:30 - Concluding Remarks 

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