A Secret Chamber Hiding in Plain Sight | The Tomb of Khentkawas

The Tomb of Khentkawas may not be the most breathtaking ancient monument on the Giza Plateau, but this Old Kingdom ruin is certainly one of the most prominent. Today it is very much unloved and off limits to tourists, which for me is a real shame because I think it may still have a secret hiding in plain sight.

For the first half of this video, I take a close look at the mysterious and incomplete history of Tomb of Khentkawas, before highlighting a curious anomaly I’ve identified on the 2006 laser scanning survey results, which I think could be a concealed entrance into a secret hidden chamber or corridor, unopened for 4,500 years.

00:00 | Introduction

01:04 | The Tomb of Khentkawas

06:21 | Queen Khentkawas

08:21 | Inside the Tomb of Khentkawas

11:06 | Summary of the Tomb Development

13:13 | Anomalies in Inner Chapel

14:56 | Robber's Tunnel

15:40 | The Bank of Rock

16:57 | Why a Tunnel Here?

17:33 | Laser Scanning Survey

21:14 | A Triangular Cover Stone?

26:51 | Outro

Matt Sibson
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