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Was Noah's Ark an Egyptian Pyramid?

The title of this video was a revelation that hit the news back in 2017, when a piece of the Dead Sea scrolls was scanned, revealing the ancient belief that Noah’s Ark was in fact pyramid-shaped.

Scientists working on the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library Project scanned tens of thousands of fragments of the scrolls with a custom-made camera, that used different wavelengths of light at 28 times higher resolution than standard scans.

Previously illegible words could now be read. Before then, regarding the story of Noah’s Ark, scholars had been unable to read a particular word following the Hebrew phrase “the ark’s tallness”, but the new scans revealed the word 'ne’esefat'.

The translation of this word from Hebrew to English means gathered, which Dr Alexey Yuditsky from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem says means that the ark’s ribs were gathered at the top to form a shape of a pyramid.

Furthermore, according to Dr Yuditsky, the Septuagint – a Greek translation of the Old Testament, which dates to the third century BC, also describes the ark as pyramid-shaped, using a Greek verb that also has a similar meaning to ‘gathered’.

A number of medieval authors such as Maimonides also suggested that Noah’s Ark was somewhat pyramid-shaped.

And yet there is more evidence - the elaborate bronze doors of the Baptistery in Florence, created by Lorenzo Ghiberti, who died in the 15th century.

The doors were completed in the early 1400s and show scenes from the Old Testament. One illustrates the period just after the Biblical Great Flood when Noah returns to dry land. Interestingly, Ghiberti depicts the ark as a pyramid.

Some scholars say that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was built to reflect the primeval mound that, according to Ancient Egyptian tradition, emerged from the expanse of primordial waters. This story is not thought to be literal, but could the Great Pyramid have actually been a structure to survive a flood?

Could Noah's Ark actually be a story about the Great Pyramid and was the Great Flood actually a localised flooding event in the Middle East in Old Kingdom times?

In this video I explore the climatic changes that took place in Old Kingdom Egypt, how the country was battered with sometimes prolonged, intense and heavy rainfall that caused sheets of flood waters on the numerous plateaus of Northern Egypt.

I explain how the Nile Inundation was drying up, how lake levels were falling and I explore the possibility that pyramid building was linked to these chaotic climatic conditions.

All images are taken from Google Images and the below sources for educational purposes only.

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