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Is this the Biblical Joseph from 18th Dynasty Ancient Egypt?

Those acquainted with the Old Testament will know that Joseph is an important character of Genesis. Son of Jacob and Rachel, in the story Joseph was given a long coat of many colours by his father. He was later sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and Jacob believed him to be dead.

But far from living the life of a pauper in Egypt, he rose through the ranks of the elite, starting out as a servant to the captain of pharaoh’s guard, and ended up becoming vizier, the second most powerful man in the land next to pharaoh.

But was Joseph a real historical person, or just a character in a story? Some take the Old testament as factual, others say it’s all fiction but some think it’s a bit of both, history weaved in with legends, folklore and mystical knowledge of the ancient past.

Researcher and author Ahmed Osman wrote a book called ‘Stranger in the Valley of the Kings’ where he believes he has identified the true historical identity of Joseph of the Old testament - a high ranking official of the 18th Dynasty named Yuya, father of Queen Tiye who was married to King Amenhotep III.

Could this really be true? Has he unravelled some real Biblical history? Watch this video as I analyse the points and present the argument that Yuya was the man with the coat of many colours, the man who could interpret dreams and the foreign man who rose through the elite of New Kingdom Egypt.

All images are taken from Google Images and the sources listed below, for educational purposes only.

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