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Full Tour | Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

Ever wonder what the inside of the Great Pyramid looks like? This FULL interior tour of The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt was filmed on December 11, 2020 with an IPhone 12 Pro.

 Jimmy of the Bright Insight YouTube channel explores The Great Pyramid for his first time.

This is a complete tour of the entire internal structure of the ancient Egyptian Pyramid, including the so-called “King’s/Queen’s” Chamber, Grand Gallery, Subterranean Chamber, and all various tunnels/shafts located throughout.

Because of the nature of the small areas, I had to film in vertical please understand I wouldn't do that otherwise.

Also HIGHLY RECOMMEND listening through earphones to effectively hear all commentary, especially while I am in the "King’s" chamber, and when listening to the incredible “Ohm” vibrational sound when I’m in the “Queen’s” chamber. Enjoy!

I had the privilege of attending a tour with Ben from the YouTube channel: ‘UnchartedX’

Go follow him and watch his outstanding video inside the Great Pyramid's subterranean chamber! And I have to say, my cameo appearance in his video is quite hilarious, lmao.

I highly recommend that everyone make a trip to Egypt to visit these amazing sites. Ancient Rome and Greece have NOTHING on the size and eminence of the Ancient Egyptians.

The tour company I went with is The Khemet School of Ancient Mysticism, and they receive my highest recommendation. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with their service. Patricia and Youself Awyan are not only massively experienced, but wonderful people as well.

I will absolutely be going to Egypt again in the not so distant future, and I will be going with them! Stay tuned for updates if you’d like to attend the next tour with me in Egypt.

Go checkout their website at:

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