Khufu and the Magician in the Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Text

The Westcar Papyrus, housed in the Ägyptisches Museum, Berlin, contains five stories told by the sons of the 4th dynasty Pharaoh Khufu. These stories were most likely written in the 18th dynasty or later.

Of the original five stories, only three remain complete.

Story 1. Djedjfra: Partially lost.

Story 2. Chephren: Partially damaged.

Story 3. Baufra.

Story 4: Hordedef.

Story 5: Rededjet.

This is the story of Hordedef, also known as Djedefhor, son of Pharaoh Khufu and half-brother of pharaohs Djedefre and Khafre.

In antiquity Hordedef enjoyed a reputation for wisdom. In this story, we learn how Hordedef and Khufu become acquainted with a magician called Djedi.

Some believe that the story is astronomically symbolic and that key characters and events reflect the movement of key constellations or stars.

These are the words of the Westcar Papyrus. Watch now and please subscribe, comment and like the video.

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