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The Megalithic Culture: Their Final Journey to Easter Island

I was recently sent a fascinating YouTube video about the complicated history of the early people of the Maori of New Zealand, their cultural heritage and ethnic origins, linked below.

The video documents a local Maori legend recorded more than 100 years ago by Ethnologist Elsdon Best. He was living amongst a local tribe, known for having fair hair, some with red hair, some with blonde, and Best was told that their ancient ancestors originated in the Persia/Indus Valley region, but they fled their homeland because of the war with a so-called ‘darker skinned people’.

The legend continued that their ancestors sailed to a long skinny land, believed to be Central America and then on to Tahiti Nui, the very large land of South America, ending up in Peru. DNA studies of the blonde haired indigenous people of New Zealand, descendants of the Ngati Hotu tribe, have amazingly showed both Persian and Peruvian DNA. So maybe there is some truth in the legend.

From Peru, the legend says that their ancestors ventured into the scattered isles of the Pacific with one destination being Easter Island, but with some ending up as far as New Zealand.

Now this is a follow-up video to my recent one of the origins of the Peruvian stone walls, also linked below because, to back up the ancient myth of the Maori of New Zealand, at the same time the megalithic builder left the Cusco Valley of Peru, when they were driven out by the Inca, we find out that Peruvians arrived on Easter Island aka Rapa Nui.

Could the people who arrived on Easter Island be the mysterious Killke Culture, who built the megalithic foundations of Cusco and Sacsayhuaman? Could Easter Island actually be the final destination of the Megalithic Culture, a culture we may be able to trace all the way back to Gobekli Tepe, more than 12,000 years ago? Watch the video to learn more.

All images in this video are taken from Google Images for educational purposes only.

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