A Megalithic Mystery | The Dragon Houses of Ancient Greece

I saw a fascinating article on the Arkeonews website, about something I knew very little about, that being the mysterious megalithic structures in the mountains of the island of Euboea, the largest island in Greece after Crete

These megalithic marvels are known as Dragon Houses and there are 23 of them on the island, mostly in the regions of Mount Oche and Styra in Euboea.

These mortar-fee constructions are thought to date back to the Preclassical period of Ancient Greece, the classical period beginning around 490 BC.

They have stood, pretty much intact, for more than two millennia but their origins and purpose are a true ancient megalithic mystery.

There is a brilliant article on novoscriptorium.com website, which gives us plenty of information and in this video, I present an overview and hopefully give us all something new to think about.

All images are taken from Google Images and the below sources for educational purposes only. 


Matt Sibson
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