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The Map of Superconductivity

Superconductivity is a fascinating property exhibited by many materials when they are cooled down to cryogenic temperatures to below a certain transition temperature.

Below this temperature they lose all of their electrical resistance and they are able to conduct electricity with zero loss of energy.

They also exhibit interesting magnetic effects including the total expulsion of magnetic fields from their interior due to superconducting eddy currents.

In this video I look at the different kinds of superconductors like type-I and type-II superconductors, and high temperature superconductivity, the theory behind them: Ginzberg-Lanadu theory and BCS theory,, and the applications of them in the real world which include superconducting magnets for MRI machines and particle accelerators, quantum devices like josephson junctions and S.Q.U.I.Ds for uses like quantum computing.

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