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Ice-Free Antarctica | The 1531 Oronteus Finaeus Map

This is the third video in a series on claims that historic cartographers knew about the landmass of Antarctica, which today, and for many millions of the years has been covered with thick ice sheets.

The Piri Reis Map and the Philippe Buache maps were used as evidence by Charles Hapgood that the history and science of the south pole are wrong, and that there must have been an ancient civilisation that once mapped the lost continent and this knowledge was passed down through time.

Well, as we’ve discussed, the Piri Reis Map is likely showing South America and the Philippe Buache map is hypothetical, as outlined by the cartographer himself. Neither map is evidence that Antarctica was ever ice free in human memory and certainly not evidence for a lost civilisation.

But there is also a third map, known as the Orontius Finaeus Map of 1531 and here you can see a continent at the South Pole in all its glory. Those that promote this map as evidence for an ice-free Antarctica say it is at the correct scale, with key features as precise longitudes, which, if true, means it is a far better map of Antarctica than the famous Piri Reis map.

So is it true? Did Orontius Finaeus show an ice-free Antarctica in 1531 and if so, how could this be? Watch the video to find out.

All images are taken from Google Images and the below sources for educational purposes only.

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