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Suspense | Time Travel Tech using Kozyrev Mirrors

In December 1990, in a remote village above the Arctic Circle, two Russian scientists embarked on a daring experiment. Their goal was to enhance human “super-perception” or ESP.

They built a device that could shield subjects from electromagnetic interference and amplify their biological energy.

The device was a large tube of rolled aluminum with a chair inside.

As soon as the device was built, strange phenomena occurred around the village. Disc-shaped lights hovered around the lab. Balls of energy appeared and disappeared.

The Northern Lights became so bright and vivid that they seemed to take physical shape.

Inside the lab, anyone who approached the device felt an unexplainable sense of dread.

It took a while to persuade anyone to try it.

When the first subject finally sat in the chair, a flash of energy erupted that stunned everyone in the lab.

The device worked. But it maybe worked a little too well.

Not only did it boost people’s psychic abilities, it also enabled them to view any place in the world. And soon, they could view any place in time.

In fact, these experiments confirmed a theory first proposed in the 1950s. That time, as we know it, doesn’t exist.

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