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The Why Files | Stories about The Apocalypse

Humanity's future hangs in the balance as a multitude of doomsday scenarios loom on the horizon. From the perils of solar storms and pole shifts to the existential threat posed by artificial intelligence, our world teeters on the brink of unprecedented change.

Uncover the startling revelations found within a once-classified book that foretells a cataclysmic fate for our planet. Journey through history's most harrowing close calls with nuclear annihilation and explore the terrifying consequences of a modern-day Carrington Event.

Brace yourself for an eye-opening exploration of the challenges that lie ahead. Will humanity rise to meet these trials, or will our species succumb to the forces that threaten to reshape our world forever?

Assuming we survive the apocalypse, we're back next week with a new episode.

The Why Files
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