Lost Sunken City: 9,000-Year-Old Settlement of Atlit-Yam

For the past few decades, dozens of submerged sites have been found off the Mediterranean coast of Israel. We have a Kebaran site dating back 22,000 to 14,500 years ago.

There is a Natufian site dating from 14,500 to 11,500 years ago, we have many Neolithic and early Chalcolithic submerged sites but what I’m focussing on today is the incredible Pre-Pottery Neolithic site of Atlit-Yam.

This is a late Pre-Pottery Neolithic B site, although some classify it as Pre-Pottery Neolithic C, with continuous occupation dating from 9,400 to around 8,000 years ago.

It’s a large fishing village, a permanent settlement now lying 9-12 metres below sea level, off the coast of Israel, 10km south of Haifa, in the North Bay of the town of Atlit.This is a truly incredible site with unique archaeology, including the world's oldest example of a stone water well, a megalithic stone circle, rectangular dwellings, artefacts, human, animal and plant remains and more.

Although it was eventually swallowed up by the rising sea level, is this the reason Atlit-Yam came to an end? Some say yes, but others say there is evidence the settlement was struck by an enormous tsunami. Watch the video to learn more.

All images and footage are taken from the below sources and Google Images for educational purposes only. 

Matt Sibson
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