The Missing Pyramid of Giza and The Mysterious Wooden Box

The Giza Plateau is arguably the most famous historic site in the world, with the astonishing pyramid complexes of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, and of course the magnificent Great Sphinx.

Of course, today, Giza is nothing compared to how it would have looked in the 4th dynasty, in the golden era of Egyptian history when these monuments were first constructed, but it’s amazing that these monuments have stood the test of time.

Although the pyramid casing stones have all but disappeared, although many of the limestone has been sandblasted by the desert winds, although these ancient structures have been explored, sometimes dynamited, looted and excavated, it’s incredible that so much has survived on the Giza Plateau, preserved so tourists can get up close and personal with these seemingly impossible achievements of our ancestors.

But although many of the 4th dynasty monuments remain, one of them is certainly missing: pyramid G2-A.

Pyramid G2-A, or GII-A, was completely robbed of its stone. It had two descending passageways, one of which wasn’t found until 1960.

Three plug blocks were still in place and on their removal, inside was found a large, sealed wooden box. What was inside?

Watch this video to find out!

Matt Sibson
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