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Largest Prehistoric Site Found in Britain Next to Stonehenge

In an incredible discovery, archaeologists have discovered the largest prehistoric site ever found in Britain, and it’s right next to Stonehenge!

Archaeologists have found a ring of prehistoric shafts, dug thousands of years ago that is 1.2 miles or 2 km wide, with the huge stone circle of Durrington Walls in the centre. Durrington Walls is located just 2 miles away from Stonehenge.

The large shafts are 10 metres in diameter and 5 metres deep in the ground. Tests show that they are Neolithic and were dug more than 4,500 years ago. As the diagrams show, they are huge!

More than 20 of these shafts have been discovered and experts believe they would have served as a boundary to a sacred area connected to the central henge monument of Durrington Walls.

Stonehenge may be the focal point of the region today but as this diagram shows, Durrington Walls was the true focal point of the Stonehenge landscape. Interestingly, the Great Cursus monument ends close to the edge of the 1.2 mile wide circle, but this cursus monument is significantly older.

Watch this video to see the incredible diagrams and to learn more about this new discovery that changes what we thought we once knew about Neolithic Ancient Britain.

All images are taken from Google Images and the sources listed below for educational purposes only.

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