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Astronomers Just Saw the Biggest Boom Since the Big Bang

It was an epic space explosion that made scientists’ hair stand on end when they discovered it in February 2020! Its size and power are enormous even by cosmic standards… It’d take 2.6 billion years to get to where this explosion occurred in space.

And here’s the real kicker: this burst lasted 100 million years! That’s from today’s digital world with smartphones and self-driving cars all the way back to dinosaur times!

So what set off this space boom of epic proportions? A black hole, what else! This monster swallowed so much substance that it choked and shot out a bunch of plasma beams.

They cut through space and formed a cosmic wasteland all around the site! It was thought to be the biggest explosion in the universe. But sooner or later, every record gets broken!

So, here's a new portion of the most incredible, awe-inspiring, and unbelievable facts about space. 

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