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Scientists Say We Were Wrong About the Big Bang and Universe

There’s a crisis in the study of the cosmos. Scientists Say they Were WRONG About the Big Bang and the Universe.

This rude jolt to the astronomy community has already been dubbed, the “Crisis in Cosmology”. But now, the crisis has become a thunderbolt shocking even more scientists as new models and calculations are punching big holes in the Big Bang theory that was thought to be gospel for decades.  

The contradictions are so profound, it’s time to sound the alarm because essential predictions of the Big Bang theory are increasingly contradicted by better data.

As shown by many teams of researchers, data from new observations are consistent with a non-expanding universe. That means, there was no Big Bang. That’s correct! The real crisis in cosmology indicates that the Big Bang never happened.  There’s a lot to unravel.

You’re about to discover all the key pointers disproving the Big Bang! You might want to sit down for this. You’re about to be stunned and immobile. Here’s what scientists got wrong for decades about the beginning of our universe.