Could this Prove The Big Bang Theory is Wrong?

If you dig up the roots of your family tree far enough, someone believed the Earth was supported by a turtle with major contributions from elephants. Or it is a cube, or a sphere or flat. And while the notion that all our ancestors howled that the planet is flat until Columbus convinced them otherwise is patently false, humanity has plowed through several interesting explanations for our universe being the way it is.

Now there’s general consensus that 13.8 billion years ago the universe existed in an infinitely hot and dense point called a Singularity. Then it expanded, thus the "Big Bang" and matter and space and time all flung apart violently and exponentially.

Fair enough. But science isn’t science if it’s not questioning itself, right? Without examining evidence and rethinking conclusions, we’d still be teetering on turtles and elephants.

In today’s video we plunge into issues with the Big Bang, problems that cosmology has not solved-yet-and how these are being reconciled with what we know and what we think we know.