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The Lady of Mali | Man Made or Natural Wonder?

You may have seen this amazing rock outcrop before. It is known as the Lady of Mali, located at 1,500 metres altitude on Mount Loura, in Guinea, Western Africa.

The official explanation is that this is an artefact of nature, wind eroded over many hundreds of thousands of years to create the illusion of a human figure. The so-called head is 25 metres tall, with the entire sculpture being around 150 metres top to bottom.

It is visible both close up and from afar and was a totally fortuitous discovery by geologist Angelo Pitoni in the late 20th century. It is located north of the city of Conakry and close to the country’s border with Mali.

Even though he was a geologist, Pitoni was an alternative thinker and believed that this carving was man-made and estimated it to be between 12,000 and 20,000 years old. He also said that there was a cave close by that contained ancient mummies.

Pitoni also stated that close by there was a mysterious rock mineral in the Sierra Leone diamond fields that resembles pure turquoise but he said it was different to any other mineral he had ever seen before. He called this the 'Sky Stone.'

The whole region seems to be shrouded in mystery but could the Lady of Mali really be an ancient man-made sculpture, or is it just a natural wonder? Watch the video to learn more.

All images are taken from Google Images and the below sources for educational purposes only.

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