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The Four Languages of the Great Pyramid

Everybody knows that the Great Pyramid is devoid of inscriptions and apart from the contentious Khufu graffiti in one of the relieving chambers above the King’s Chamber, the only writing we see on the pyramid is crude graffiti from the modern age.

But there are reports from Arab Chroniclers that the casing stones of the Great Pyramid were covered in writing of a number of different languages, something which I put down to ancient graffiti, or by people who have travelled to Giza on some kind of pilgrimage, to catch a glimpse of the grandest structures ever built by mankind.

In this video I explain how the words of the Arabs are indeed corroborated by three further sources, all from the 14th century, who state that the casings stones were still on the Great Pyramid, as well as the Pyramid of Khafre. One claim states that on the four sides of the Great Pyramid were four languages - one language on each side - Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Ancient Egyptian.

So what does it all mean? Watch the video to learn more.

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