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Proof that Humans were in the Americas 30.000 Years Ago

Well, as the title of this video says, the first people of the Americas were not the Clovis Culture and now two new papers published in the journal Nature have proved it.

For many years, the view was that the first people of the Americas entered around 13,000 years ago but as the studies say, this should actually be around 30,000 years.

The old view was that during the Pleistocene period, paleo-Indian people crossed the land bridge that connected north-east Asia and Alaska, an epic journey between 12 and 15,000 years ago that brought the first people to the Americas.

But as I’ve shown in videos over the past couple of years on this channel, as Graham Hancock has shown in his book, America Before, and as new discoveries by archaeologists are proving in the field, people were in the Americas a long time before.

The Clovis First theory reigned supreme from the 1920s to the 1970s as stone tools known as Clovis points were deemed markers for this so-called first culture.

But in the past 50 years, new discoveries challenged the old view, for example there was a site in Brazil that dated back 20,000 tears and this culture did not have the famous Clovis points. They seemed to be found in North America but not South America.

So, thanks to a new article on, that I’ve linked below, it breaks down the findings from the two new papers in Nature. In this video I give you a short version of the information presented on Ancient Origins website, and I'd urge you to check out the page, as well as the original journals in Nature, all linked below.

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