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The Mothman Returns | Point Pleasant | Chicago Terror

This legend beings as so many do. Three gravediggers, working in a cemetery hear something overhead. They look up and see a creature: almost ten feet tall with massive wings perched on a high tree branch; staring at them with glowing red eyes. Then in an instant, it's gone.

Three days later, just a few miles away, two young couples burst into the local police station. Terrified, they report being chased by a tall man with wings and glowing red eyes.

More and more people would report seeing a creature that stood on two legs, was at least 8 feet tall, and had wings. Some said it was half-man, half-bird; others said half-man, half-bat. But that name that stuck was "The Mothman".

Though The Mothman terrorized hundreds of people for a year, it never physically harmed anyone. But 13 months later, that would change. And 46 men, women, and children would end up at the bottom of the Ohio River.

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