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Next Generation Transportation System

The other day I patented another model of transport of the second level, only now on six supports, and with a variable distance between the wheel bearings, which made it theoretically possible to use such transport in urban conditions, in conditions of cr

Only the variable between the wheel distance will allow the platform with six supports to travel along a curved trajectory and crouch under the bridges. And when you look at the video, you will understand in detail why it is on six pylons, and what are the advantages of this version of the platform.

Surely someone will wonder why not a year ago and only now it appeared, the whole point is that a year ago I did not have a ready solution with floating supports, I did not understand how it is possible to force such traffic to pass curvilinear sections of roads, when he six supports and a distance between the pillars of about seven meters. Analyzing old cliches, it turned out that if you did not combine these legs with the same frame, with a single axis of rotation, then such a vehicle could travel only along straight roads, and if you fasten every two supports on a frame with a single center of rotation, like a classic car carriage, with high supports allowing to pass under a transport of the first level, the supports could not be telescopic, and any possibility of using a third pair of wheels was lost, without which the function can not be stepped over an obstacle, squatting over bridge, and just moving along a curved path.

But the appearance of floating supports, and supports on levers and hinges, everything changed, there was a saving solution, without which such a mode of transport is not possible, which actually I patented.

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