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Huge Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Burial Ground Discovered

Archaeologists have discovered a major Pre-dynastic burial ground in Northern Egypt with 83 graves with fantastic preservation. The find was made during archaeological excavations in the Koam Al-Khiljan region of Egypt’s Daqahliya Governorate, located to

Experts say that these graves from Lower (Northern) Egypt date to at least three different periods of Egyptian history - the Buto Society of the first half of the 4th millennium, the Naqada III society from 3200 BC as well as burials from the Second Intermediate Period.

Finds from the burials include coffins, pottery, mysterious objects and amulets with semi-precious stones.

On Wednesday around 7pm UK time, I’ll be releasing a new documentary from Rokethouse Films, called The Robot, The Dentist and the Pyramid, a 45-minute documentary that follows the Djedi Pyramid Robot team as they explored the Queen’s Chamber southern airshaft back in 2011.

The robot was the third to go up the shaft after the Pyramid Rover Team last entered 9 years previously. Pyramid Rover was the one that drilled a hole into the Gantenbrink door but was only able to look straight ahead. Djedi was able to thoroughly explore the space behind the Gantenbrink door and I’ll be presented exactly what they discovered this week.

On Wednesday, I’ll also be releasing the nine hours of raw footage filmed by the Djedi robot. This is the raw, unedited film of the robot’s ascent up to the Gantenbrink door, and then the footage from behind the door itself.

Being nine hours long, it’s not easy to watch due to the robot’s slow progress and there is no commentary over the top of the raw footage, but it is a fantastic research tool that anybody can use, to see if you can spot anything missed by the Djedi team.

All Images are taken from Google Images and the below sources for educational purposes only.

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