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Egyptian Finds at 8000 years old site in Saudi Arabia

The ancient history of Saudi Arabia often falls under the radar. There are megalithic stone monuments in the north of the country that are often overlooked because of more spectacular monuments found around the world.

But now, a large ritual platform, dating back 8,000 years, has been discovered that sheds new light on the ancient history of the region and its trade links to Ancient Egypt.

An international team of archaeologists led by Dr Olivia Munoz of France’s Nationwide Center for Scientific Analysis, found a 35-metre or 115 foot-long triangular ritual platform buried at an oasis settlement known as Dumat al-Jandal in northern Saudi Arabia.

It’s a fantastic discovery, but what made it even more incredible is that inside a looted tomb were artefacts from Ancient Egypt. Watch this video to learn more and please subscribe to Ancient Architects.

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