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5.000-Year-Old Site Dedicated to Sumerian War God Discovered

Archaeologists have discovered a 5,000 year old sacred site in Iraq that was dedicated to an ancient Mesopotamian / Sumerian war god. Matt from Ancient Architects reports.

It is inside one of the oldest Mesopotamian cities and the new discovery is helping researchers in their understanding of its people and culture.

Many important Sumerian remains and artefacts have already been uncovered in the city, which is known today as Tello, but in ancient times was called Girsu. The recent excavations have taken place in the city’s sacred district, known as Uruku. Here there was once a temple dedicated to the Mesopotamian war god, known as Ningirsu.

The temple dedicated to the ancient war god was regarded as one of the most important at the time. The team of archaeologists uncovered the sacred or cultic site last year, and noted it was 5,000 years old. Their excavations have shown that it was likely used for ritual processions, sacrifices and feasting.

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