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Yahoo News | Adobe unveils new AI tools

Creative software developer Adobe (ADBE) kicked off its Adobe Summit — Digital Experience Conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, March 26. The three-day event will showcase all the new ways Adobe is using generative AI and other advanced tech to enhance customer experiences.

One such piece of technology unveiled at the conference is Adobe's new Firefly Services, which will increase the speed and scale of production for AI-generated branded content.

Adobe's President of Digital Media David Wadhwani joins Yahoo Finance to discuss how generative AI will be integrated into Adobe's product ecosystem and how the company will operate moving forward.

Wadhwani sums up the main benefit of its new services: "Content is fueling the global economy. Digital content is really the way that enterprises need to engage their customers and drive and grow their business, and this is a single solution and application that they can do all of those five stages on."

Wadhwani also comments on the copyright environment for content borne by AI, and the marketing and use of this content through the newly announced Adobe GenStudio.