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Why Apple Started Making Its Own Chips

Apple is well known for making big splashy announcements whenever it unveils a game-changing piece of new tech like the iPod, or iPad. Strangely, last year the Cupertino giant made an announcement every bit as revolutionary, but one which largely escaped notice by the general public.

The announcement, made at the firm’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference, confirmed Apple would start designing and manufacturing its own chips for Mac computers. To be clear, it’s not just tech geeks and tiresome Apple fanboys who need to be aware of what the announcement means, and what its implications are. So today we’re donning our black turtleneck and addressing a hushed auditorium to explain why Apple is making its own chips. 

For several years now, Apple has been sourcing its CPUs from household-name chip giant Intel. This special relationship between Apple and Intel started back in 2006, after Apple’s previously favoured IBM-Motorola chips were written off as inadequate.

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