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This is What We Saw on Venus

Venus has long remained an enigmatic sister planet to Earth, seemingly similar in size, yet covered in clouds of sulfuric acid that betray the volatile world lurking beneath.

While Mars, Jupiter, and even far-flung Pluto have opened their secrets to robotic spacecraft from Earth, Venus remains the least explored of our planetary neighbors.

Often termed Earth's "evil twin,” Venus hosts crushing atmospheric pressures, scorching temperatures that could melt lead, and skies filled perpetually with dense clouds that don’t even let a ray of sunlight touch the surface.

This combination creates a planet so hostile that it has destroyed every probe sent to explore its surface; some lasted mere minutes before surrendering to the planet’s wrath.

So, what views did we see beneath the thick cloud cover shrouding the planet? What do they tell us about the past of the Earth’s evil twin?

Finally, and most importantly, what secrets will the upcoming Indian, American, and European missions to Venus reveal?

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