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The Younger Dryas Impact and the Global Flood

In my recent video on the subject of a 'Global Great Flood', I explained how I didn’t think there was ever one since the end of the last glacial maximum, and by using the term 'global great flood'.

I mean like a deluge, where the entire world and all of the ancient civilisations were affected by huge amounts of water in one instance; a cataclysm, whether that be tsnuamis, a rapid rise in sea level, global rains and so on.

I explained that there were two major pulses of meltwater into the oceans since the last glacial maximum, Meltwater Pulse 1A and 1B, the latter marrying up with the end of the Younger Dryas period. These rises though were gradual. We’re talking 40mm per year and cannot really be described as a cataclysmic global Great Flood as far as the data suggests.

But in this video, I want to go back to the beginning of the Younger Dryas, around 12.800 years ago when a cataclysm of some kind plunged the planet back into an ice age and led to a major megafaunal extinction.

Then, there was also a rapid rise in sea level, we're talking a global 3-metre rise in around 50 years, and so, could this be an actual Global Great Flood, coinciding with the Younger Dryas Comet Impact?

In this video I review the data and explore what we know about this rise in sea level at the onset of more that 1,000 years of global cooling.

All images are taken from Google Images and the sources below for educational purposes only.

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