The Tragic Condition of the Ancient Derawar Fort

The significant and impressive Derawar Fort is situated the heart of the Cholistan desert in Punjab, Pakistan. Without a number of restoration projects over the years, it probably would not be here today but it is still rapidly deteriorating and in need of further preservation works. It's an amazing structure but currently in a tragic state.

Derawar Fort was first built in the 9th century AD by Rai Jajja Bhati, a Hindu Ruler from Jaisalmir in India’s Rajasthan State. Its original name was Dera Rawal, then Dera Rawar and then, over time, the name was pronounced Derawar.

In the early 18th century, it was captured from Raha Rawal Singh of Jaisalmer, by Sadeq Mohammad Khan I, of the Nawab’s of Bahawalpur. It was rebuilt in 1733 into the current form we see today.

The impressive fort has 40 30-metre-high bastions along with walls that span more than 1.5 kilometres. In the hot summers of the Cholistan desert, the fort’s red-brick façade seems to glow with the heat and is visible from miles around.

Watch this video to learn about the history of the structure and also about its current dilapidated state.

All images are taken from Google Images, Google Maps and for educational purposes only.

Matt Sibson
Ancient Architects
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