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The God Enki, the Sumerian Great Flood and Noah’s Ark

The earliest record of a Sumerian creation myth, called The Eridu Genesis by historian Thorkild Jacobsen, is found on a single fragmentary tablet excavated in Nippur by the Expedition of the University of Pennsylvania in 1893, and first recognized by Arno Poebel in 1912.

To the Ancient Sumerians​, Enki was regarded as one of the most important deities, and was one of the three most powerful gods in the Sumerian pantheon and he features heavily in the Sumerian creation myth and is known as The Eridu in Genesis​.

The myth contains the story of  The Great Flood​, the Biblical tale that originates in Sumer. In this video I reveal the original flood story and the true identity of Noah, who built the ark to save mankind.

Was Noah a real person or is it just a myth?

Watch the video to find out!

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