The Amazing Ancient Egyptian Sliding Door Sarcophagus

When we think of the third dynasty of Ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom, the famous Step Pyramid comes to mind, built by the first ruler of this Dynasty, King Djoser.

But in this video, we are looking at the second ruler, who had the Horus name Sekhemkhet, but was also known as Djosertety and Djoserty, and was maybe the brother or eldest son of Djoser.

Inside his unfinished pyramid, also known as the 'Buried Pyramid', we find something known as the 'Sliding Door Sarcophagus', an incredible and unique artefact from the Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom.

The unusual tomb and sarcophagus were discovered in the 1950s and although no mummy of the king was found, many priceless gold objects, stone vessels, rings and more were discovered.

Watch this video to learn more about King Sekhemkhet, the unfinished Buried Pyramid and the bizarre and incredible Sliding Door Sarcophagus, a one-of-a-kind in Ancient Egypt.

00:00 Introduction

00:27 The Step Pyramid of Djoser

01:16 The Pyramid of Sekhemkhet

03:19 The Sliding Door Sarcophagus

05:12 Mysteries of Old Kingdom Pyramids

06:36 A Close Look at the Sarcophagus

07:41 Conclusion

Matt Sibson
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