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10 Reasons why Khufu built the Great Pyramid of Egypt

Over a month ago I presented by opinion on the history of the Great Pyramid based on everything I’ve learned, in what turned out to be a 90-minute presentation.

I attempted to explain the structure in its entirety, my own opinion based on evidence, and well, I was quite pleased with the outcome. The video has now had around 111,000 views, which for me is great but the response from viewers has been mixed, as expected.

The main negative view that people had is that Ancient Architects, once very much an alternative ancient history channel, has finally accepted the mainstream view that Khufu is the likely builder of the Great Pyramid.

In this video, I'm presenting the Case for Khufu, 10 Reasons why he built the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Some of you will agree and some will disagree, but that's the nature of studying Ancient Egypt. In this video I'm making the case for Khufu, as I attempt dispel some unfounded myths, whilst presenting evidence in his favour. I’ll also be including a new piece of material evidence I only came across this week, one that’s been lost inside a dusty of book only available in the French language.

All images are taken from Google Images for educational purposes only.

Some video footage from the Queen's Chamber is from Brien Foerster.

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