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The 11.000 Year Old Cup Marks of Gobekli and Karahan Tepe

If you watched one of recent videos on the Pre-Pottery Neolithic site of Karahan Tepe, a large ancient settlement dating back to around 11.000 years ago, you may remember me showing you some cup marks – dozens of circular pits, dug into the limestone bedrock surface, all in close proximity, and with no obvious explanation.

The pits are often found concentrated or grouped together in circular or oval shape. They are found across the Tas Tepeler region, with famous examples at Gobekli Tepe, but what are they?

You can also find examples on the tops of T-shaped pillars. There are more examples on some aspects of the limestone infrastructure and experts and independent researchers have debated their function.

In this video I believe I provide the answers and will hopefully open up new conversations about the incredible Pre-Pottery Neolithic sites of Ancient Anatolia.

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