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Many Worlds Theory: You're Living in a Parallel Universe | Can You Visit Your Other Lives?

So, tell me... how do you like being a movie star? I can't imagine your life. You can't walk down the street without being mobbed by adoring fans. You attend power-lunches with your agent. You pose for pictures on the red carpet on your way to collect your third Academy Award. Your life sounds fun.

Wait, what? You're not a movie star? That's not your life? Well, maybe not in this universe, but there is a universe out there where your life is exactly as I described. 

The "Many Worlds" or "Multiple Universes" theory says that anything that can possibly happen does happen. It just happens in a different reality that exists parallel to our own.

There's a reality out there somewhere where you're a best-selling author. There's one where you're a Nobel Prize winning scientist who cured cancer.

There's even a reality out there, where you're an evil dictator plotting to take over the world. And you enforce your will with an army of AI robots that you invented when you were a grad student at Stanford.

Yes, some of these alternate realities are more far-fetched than others. But they are all out there.

Scientists know how these realities are formed and people are working on technology to detect them.

But even if we could detect alternate universes, there's no way to visit them.

Or is there?

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