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Suspense | Georgia Guidestones Destroyed by a Villain or a Hero?

On July 6, 2022, a bomb detonated on a 5-acre plot of farmland in Elberton, Georgia. The explosion destroyed a large monument that had stood on the property for over 40 years.

Known as "The Georgia Guidestones", it was four monolithic slabs of granite, weighing over 230,000 pounds, that contained a set of rules for a more peaceful and orderly society. 

The identity of the builder was a mystery for 40 years, but today I'll tell you who he was. 

But why did he want to keep his identity a secret? Probably for the same reason the Georgia Guidestones were destroyed.

Because, according to the Guidestones, the way to a perfect society is through a one-world government, genetic and racial purity, and massive global depopulation.

In other words: A New World Order.

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