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Submarines | Total War at Sea!

During World War II, submarines became increasingly important. From the Cold War on, they could even destroy the earth with nuclear missiles.

Submarines today are highly complex machines, crammed with technology and weapons.

As impressive as their construction is, as terrifying is their destructive power.

Hardly any other weapon triggers as many emotions as the submarine. It strikes from ambush and can use nuclear missiles to drag the whole world into the abyss. Its camouflage is its greatest potential.

The Nazis celebrated the submarine as a miracle weapon. The myth of invincibility has clung to them ever since. Submariners were glorified as heroes by Nazi propaganda.

The reality in the Second World War was different: Two thirds of the submariners lost their lives during the missions. The advent of the atomic age also opened up completely new possibilities for the submarine weapon.

Nuclear propulsion allowed almost unlimited diving times and a completely new weapon system with ballistic missiles on board.

Thus, nuclear submarines became a constant threat in the world's oceans during the Cold War and still are today.

At the same time, submarines are associated with terrible tragedies.

The sinking of the Kursk, in which 118 men died in dramatic fashion, is anchored in the collective memory as a trauma.

Despite or perhaps because of their danger, submarines have always fascinated us.Episode 2 shows the development of the submarine in the Second World War until today.

The documentary undertakes an exciting and multi-faceted journey through history.

Submariners, historians and military experts put the events into context.

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