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Mocking The Metaverse | Mark Has The Last Laugh

People love mocking the Metaverse for its graphics and lackluster immersion despite Meta having spent tens of billions on the platform, but the reality is that Mark Zuckerberg is getting the final laugh.

You see, Zuckerberg has been trying to free Meta from social media for quite some time. In fact, before his obsession with VR, Zuckerberg was trying to build a satellite-based internet service similar to SpaceX’s Starlink. When that idea fell apart though, Zuckerberg switched over to the Metaverse.

But, while Zuckerberg is more than willing to bet big on the Metaverse, he’s by no means tied down by the idea either. If he comes across a better avenue of diversification, he’s more than willing to give that a shot as well. Recently, it appears that he has come across one such avenue: generative AI.

Meta has been involved with AI research for several years at this point, but since the beginning of this year, they’ve doubled down on their efforts. So, while people laugh at Zuckerberg, he’s constantly looking for the next product to diversify Meta which he will eventually find.

This video explains the rise and fall of the Metaverse and Meta’s new focus on AI. 

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