New Scientific Mission to Explore the Great Pyramid of Egypt

We all remember the news from November 2017 when the ScanPyramids project announced the discovery of a Big Void inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt, located above the Grand Gallery and being either straight or inclined.

The news permeated the international media and I think everybody with an interest in Ancient Egypt was excited. It was the second major cavity located inside the pyramid using cosmic muon science.

Not long after the announcement of the big void, pictures were released of a robotic blimp that could be used to explore the void via an endoscopic camera, but now, nearly 5 years later, nothing has materialised. We still don’t know what the voids are or what’s inside.

Now, a new team of scientists plan to scan the Great Pyramid in what is called ‘The Exploring the Great Pyramid Mission’. They plan to field a very large muon telescope system that will be transformational with respect to the field of cosmic-ray muon imaging. The system will be 100 times more sensitive that the equipment that was used between 2015 and 2017.

Watch this video to learn more about this new scientific mission to explore the Great Pyramid and click on the links below for more detail information.

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Matt Sibson
Ancient Architects