LiDAR Reveals Settlements of a 'Lost' Civilisation in the Amazon

LiDAR technology has been used in the Bolivian Amazon of South Americ and several unknown settlements connected by a network of roads, causeways, reservoirs and canals have been discovered, and these were connected to two very large settlements of the Casarabe people, known as Cotoca and Landivar.

The Casarabe people, lived in the Llanos de Mojos region of the Amazon basin between 500 and 1400 AD and the new finds show that their civilisation was far more extensive than previously thought. They are often called a 'lost' civilisation because these people are very much lost to history - we still know so little about them.

But now, thanks to LiDAR, we now at least know the true extent of this civilisation and I'm sure in the coming months and years, we'll continue to learn more. Watch this video to learn about this new discovery!

All images are taken from the below sources and Google Images for educational purposes only.

Matt Sibson
Ancient Architects