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Incredible Polygonal Stonework of Alaca Höyük, Turkey

I recently made a video on the enigmatic green stone of Hattusa, which sits inside the old Hittite capital and sparked a huge amount of interest on the Ancient Architects channel.

The Hittite civilisation is something I’ve rarely discussed over the years because it’s never been a strong area of interest, really because of my own lack of knowledge, but every time I start some new research, I come across something created by the Hittites that really takes my breath away.

The subject of this video is the incredible megalithic ruins of Alaca Höyük, a settlement in the Alaca district of Corum, Turkey, which is situated around 25 km northeast of the Hittite capital, Hattusa.

At the site and beneath the Hittite ruins is a Hattian royal necropolis. Although the focus of this video is the incredible megalithic architecture, it is actually these Bronze Age tombs in the layers below the masonry that makes this site extra special, but this will be the subject of a future standalone video.

Above the Hattian layers is the incredible Hittite stonework, which we are told dates back to the 14th century BC and anyone with an interest in ancient architecture really should take note, because the ruins are truly astonishing. Watch this video to learn more, to see the incredible Sphinx gate, the beautiful reliefs in stone and the incredible megalithic ruins of the ancient boundary wall.

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