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Generative AI is about to Reset Everything and Change Your Life

Whether you like it or not, generative AI like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion are about to change not only how you work, but how the content you consume is produced.

Forbes spoke with a number of leading voices in the AI space to determine both the benefits and the dangers of this next wave of technological innovation, and find out why both tech giants as well as cutting edge startups are racing to grab their share of the market. 

00:00 | Introduction

01:17 | What is generative AI?

02:02 | Why Forbes decided to cover this story

02:18 | The rise of Open AI

03:11 | AI's recent hype

04:30 | Stability AI and Stable Diffusion

06:39 | Bill Gates thoughts on generative AI

07:53 | Where AI can help in workflows

09:56 | The issues with AI that need to be resolved

12:04 | How do we set safeguards for AI to protect society?

15:14 | How will we further incorporate AI in the future?

19:14 | The idea of "platform democracy"

20:56 |How we used AI for this video

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