brian-greene 11 months ago
Brian Greene #Space and Time

Brian Greene | Space | Time | Einstein

Join Brian Greene, acclaimed physicist and author, on a wild ride into the mind of Albert Einstein, revealing deep aspects of the world that defy everyday experience.

Using a visually rich canvas of animations, Greene leads you through all the startling conclusions of special relativity, from time travel to space warps to E = mc2.

In the span of 2+ hours, this short master class will change your conception of reality.


00:00:00 - Start

00:00:05 - The Special Theory of Relativity

00:05:50 - Speed

00:18:23 - The Speed of Light

00:27:42 - Relativity of Simultaneity

00:37:42 - Time in Motion

00:47:49 - How Fast Does Time Slow?

01:05:31 - Time Dilation: Experimental Evidence 

01:14:37 - The Reality of Past, Present, and Future

01:28:38 - Time Dilation: Intuitive Explanation

01:32:34 - Motion's Effect on Space

01:49:48 - The Pole in the Barn: Quantitative Details

02:10:39 - The Twin Paradox

02:19:17 - Implications for Mass

02:29:06 - Special Relativity

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